Monday, December 20, 2010

yoyo's a go-go

Every year I have a Secret Santa gift exchange with some of my oldest friends, from elementary school. I feel lucky to still know them all, and on top of that, I felt lucky to draw Jane, my super-cool crafty friend who I knew would appreciate a handmade gift.

While I felt guilty that, as her knitting teacher, I did not buy her anything knitty - I tried to make up for it with a handmade yoyo necklace.

Now, my friend Martina has been making these for years, and hers are of superior quality and style (you can see them at her blog, here). Nevertheless, I gave it a shot, making a five-yoyo cluster to be worn as a pendant.

If you yourself would like to make a yoyo, hit up Heather Bailey's pretty instructions.

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