Tuesday, February 21, 2012

more yo-yos

In the post-traumatic stress of the hectic weeks behind me, I had a wonderful time working with an incredible group of girls on a magazine project, where we conceived of a magazine and overall brand, and, after five weeks, presented a twelve-page sample, business strategy, etc.

What made this crazy creative process super-fun was that our magazine was about craft culture. To swagify ourselves and our audience at the final panel, we made more yoyos!

The cover for our magazine is below. Though this blog is still about handicraft, you may see me sneaking in some InDesign work now and again!

manly-man man mittens

After the mittens I made for Lauren J, I was on a bit of a post-mitten adrenaline kick. A friend of mine in Vancouver asked that I make him mittens as well, and after not seeing any patterns for fliptops I liked, I adapted Ysolda Teague's Snapdragon pattern for man hands. Obviously, olive green alpaca and dope steampunk buttons were called for.

These pattern notes are not great: I wrote them down haphazardly as I knit. If you're having trouble, feel free to send a note my way!

Man Cubed Mittens
5 US size 6 dpns
Berrocco Ultra Alpaca Yarn, one skein (or any worsted yarn of your choice)
Tapestry Needle
Waste yarn.
Two buttons.
Stitch Markers (if desired)

Mitt (make 2)
CO 44 sts (I do the one handed cast-on over two needles to make it nice and stretchy!), join in a round.
K2, P2 for 20 rows.
K another 16 rows(ish, for the length of the thumb to the wrist)
Next row, m1, k to end.
Next row, k even.
Next row, m1, k1, m1, k to end.
Next row, k even.
Rep last two rows, making 1 at the beginning and end of the newly made stitches (stitch marker might help with this) and then knitting even, until you have 11 new stitches.
Transfer these stitches to waste yarn, CO 2 sts, and then continue knitting.
K 3 rows, and do a double-decrease of your choice to lose the two extra stitches that you cast on. You should be back to 44 stitches.
K 4 more rows.
K2, P2 for 8 rows, then bind off in rib.

From the two CO stitches you made after holding the thumb stitches with waste yarn, count 20 sts across.
For right mitten, insert tapestry needle threaded with yarn before the first CO st and pull through to the inside.
For left mitten, insert tapestry needle threaded with yarn after the 20th st and pull through to the inside.
For both mittens, using the point of a dpn, insert from the front to the back in the centre of the rightmost st, catch the yarn around the needle, and pull to the front. (This will take a couple of tries, but makes the topper's join practically invisible when worn over the fingers).
After joining the 20 sts in this manner, CO 24 more sts (you might have to do this purlwise, backwards, but it will turn out the same.)
K2, p2 rib the "hanging" stitches, and k across the "attached" stitches, for 7 rows.
K 11 rows.
Rearrange stitches across four needles so that they all have the same number of sts, if not like this already. You should be starting at the rightmost side of the joined edge of the topper.
SSK, knit to last two stitches of needle 2, K2tog. SSK, knit to last two stitches of needle 4, K2tog.
Knit next row even.
Repeat last two rows until 24 sts remain, then decrease every row.
When 4 sts remain, cut yarn, thread through four live sts, and pull tight.
Pick up three sts near the top, complete a 16 row icord, and kitchener stitch it together on the other side.

Put held thumb sts back on needles, and pick up three more (the two cast on sts, plus another.)
Knit around, decreasing twice. 12 sts remain.
Knit 16 rows or until thumb is as long as your own thumb.
K2tog around, 6 sts.
K2tog again, 3 sts.
Cut yarn and thread through three live sts, pull tight.

Sew buttons where your icord loop hits the wrist, and enjoy!

NOTE: I would like to extend my thanks to Sarah Stanfield at Ysolda Teague, who kindly looked over this adaptation and sanctioned its posting on this blog.