Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hello lovelies!

I am sweltering here in this Toronto heat and looking forward to my move westward more and more. I am still slaving away at those socks for my Nonno (about 85% done now, I'd say) and have still not yet taken a picture of them! There will be one when they're all done, promise.

Today, I took a break from knitting, and a super-break from accounting (blegh!) to make up some fascinators with my mom! Our materials cost about $12 at dollarrama, and with a little glue and swear words, I think we actually managed to make up some mighty fancy headpieces.

A butterfly one, made and modelled by my mom.

A rose-and-feather one - made by me! I look sad, but I'm actually melting.

Also, this isn't technically a craft, but I thought I'd share my most amazing vintage score to date. I just left my old job at a costume place, but not before helping them move locations. They were getting rid of bagfuls of costumes, and I snagged this magnificent hat for $2. It's real beaver fur, so maybe I'm the new Hitler, but I can deal.

I wore it for two minutes for the photo and then threw it off and drank a glass of water. That's summer for you!

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