Friday, November 18, 2011

fish in a pond

With one brief, glorious reprieve in the form of my Noro chevron mittens, these socks took nearly all of my first semester's knitting time in Vancouver.

Cookie A's Pomatomus pattern is lovely and unique and interesting, but Jesus. Twisted rib all through on teeny tiny needles was like ripping teeth out. Now that they're finished, however, I like 'em! I think I have some form of PTSD, where I can't remember how frustrating it is to knit an inch every hour-twohours of work. The end result, these little waves in the beautiful Misti alpaca, was worth it (I guess).

To ease my post-sock pain, I made this little pinch pouch - the pattern is super-easy, quick, and now I won't lose my earrings!

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